Friday, 16 June 2017

Pyladies-Pune June Meetup

This Sunday(11th June) we have our June Pyladies meetup which was organized in Red Hat office.

This time we had Shilpee Chamoli with us who was going to take a session on "Exploring data science using Python Pandas". The title itself sounds interesting, and so it was :) . She started with the introduction and gave us an idea what exactly we are going to gain from this session. She take a "Titanic" problem for us to do experiment. We downloaded the .csv files which contain the data and start solving the different problems like

How many total passengers were traveling in Titanic?
How many total male and female passengers were present?
How many passengers in each class?
How many passengers survived? and lot more...

So we used Azure Notebook for this exercise. Also we ploted the results on the graph and it looks something like this:

Conclusion: Rich people and women were given first Priority.

After this it was Lunch time, and food was provided by Red Hat, thanks to Red Hat for that.

After Lunch it was the time for the Surprise which Anwesha talked about. So we were all set. It was so good to know she had recordings from Pycon US for Pyladies Pune. We have messages from  Ewa Jodlowska, CarolWilling, Lynn Root and Jackie Kazil for Pyladies-Pune. These videos were so good and encouraging. The surprise was in the video that  the most active contributor will be given Pyladies T-shirt and free ticket to Pycon-Pune.

Its Project Time :) :) :)

Like its been a year after we rebooted  Pyladies-Pune chapter, and so it was now the time we should start contributing to some project or work on our own Project. Also Chandan took a quick session for "Xchat"

We decided to move in this direction now. We had Kushal, Sayan , Praveen, Chandan there who discussed with us on our projects ideas and gave us suggestions. We discussed about different projects we can work on and shared those ideas on etherpad. So now we have projects and have some homework to do before next meetup. Looking forward to our next Pyladies meetup :)

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A well occupied Weekend (Pyladies and Python-Pune)

Weekend as the word comes to our mind, we are like lot of fun and time to relax. Same I did this weekend, infact lot more than this. As I attended two meetups Pyladies and Python Pune, and it was more fun as they were organised at Reserved Bit, which I personally love to visit.

Saturday(25th March 17) We had our  Pyladies meetup, and for this meet up we had planned to have a discussion among us, so that we can share our experience and discuss about our projects ideas. This meet up was basically organised so that we can get ideas about different projects we can work on. So we all were there by 11 am. When I reached and look around, I realized few known faces were missing from the meetup, later came to know they were having some work in college. But the good part was that we were having lot of new members this time who were working in different organisation. Also we had people who were familiar with embedded( electronics). As this was a discussion session we discussed about Pycon-Pune, which I was not able to attend :(. But most of them attended it and shared their experience. I shared my experience how I stared my journey with Python and so on.. 
Lot of ideas were discussed, also I got to know some of them were interested in automation, so I decided to take a session on it as I am currently working on automation using different framework like Robot Framework, Behave. Anwesha discussed about her project "Bunny Uncle" upon which she worked in Pycon-Pune. So we ended up discussing about the projects which we can work upon in our next meetup.

Sunday(26th March 17) As it was Sunday I want to sleep a little more, but the topic of the meetup made me to wake up that day. Raspberry-Pi as till now I have only heard of it from many people but didn't got a chance to work with it. So this meetup was a platform to start with it. It was also at Reserved Bit. After we all were set Girish and Chandan started with the session. They introduced us to Raspberry-Pi and shared a doc how we can get started with it. So we started with installing raspbian/ubuntu on memory card.
Here are the steps shared by Girish. which we followed:

install raspbian/ubuntu on memory card.
    $ df
    after this you will get the mmcblock file.
then unmount the memorycard partition using umount.
    $ umount /media/<user>/<partition>

format the memorycard with Fat32 filesystem.
    $ sudo mkdosfs -F 32 -v /dev/mmcblk0
now copy the raspbian/ubuntu on memorycard using dd.
    $ sudo dd bs=1M if="osImage.img" of=/dev/mmcblk0

to connect to the wifi network
    $ vim etc/network/interfaces
        auto wlan0
        allow-hotplug wlan0
        iface wlan0 inet manual
            wpa-ssid "reserved-bit"
            wpa-psk "8tn6r23eskasm"
        wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

to enable ssh
    $ touch /etc/SSHFLAG
    $ vim /etc/rc.local
      if [ -e /etc/SSHFLAG ]; then
          /usr/sbin/update-rc.d -f ssh defaults
          /bin/rm /etc/SSHFLAG
          /sbin/shutdown -r now
      sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start
      exit 0
to start vnc session
    $ sudo apt-get install tightvncserver
    $ vncserver :1 -geometry 1024x768 -depth 24 -dpi 96

      You will require a password to access your desktops.
      Warning: password truncated to the length of 8.
      Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)? n

first get update.
    sudo apt-get update

then install python-dev
    sudo apt-get install python-dev

try if RPi.GPIO is there in python packages.
    import RPi.GPIO as gpio

check the version of GPIO

After this we were able to ssh to our pi and were ready to play with it. Upto this it was the time for lunch which was already there from Rajdhani arranged by Python Pune group only.
After this came the electronics part for which Nikhil took over the session. We started with very simple program to glow a led. Then we added a switch to control the led. So it was fun modifying our code and have different pattern in which led was glowing. A simple program for led and button is as below:

from RPi import GPIO as io import time io.setmode(io.BOARD) io.setup(18, io.IN, pull_up_down=io.PUD_DOWN) io.setup(16, io.OUT) def check_button_state(): while True: if io.input(18) == 1: print("pressed") io.output(16, io.LOW) time.sleep(1) io.output(16, io.HIGH) else: pass try: check_button_state() except: print 'except'

A day out with raspberry pi and Python was great Fun!! :) 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Fossasia- A wonderful Experience

I came to know know about Fossasia during one of the Pyladies Meetup, when the organizer of Fossasia Hong Phuc Dang visited us and discussed about Fossasia. It was so inspiring and after that I decided to submit a talk for their conference. Then I started thinking about the topic on which I can submit a talk. So I just went through what I have worked on, then some topics came in my mind.Among all I submitted talk on "Robot Framework- A Smarter way to automate test", as I am a QE so this was the best topic  for me to discuss, as it helped me in my work and reduced my manual efforts, so it was best to share with others.

After submission I was just waiting whether my talk will be selected or not, and to my surprise it got selected and I received mail for confirmation. This was the first time I was going to some conference as a Speaker so I was little nervous  , also happy as for the first time I was travelling out of India to Singapore which is a beautiful country. So all together it was a mixed feeling. But I was excited for both of these. Thanks to Praveen who did all my paper work for Visa. So I was all set with my talk, slides and Visa.

We reached a day earlier before the conference, so got a chance to explore some places like Universal Studio, Marina Bay which we explored when we visited Microsoft office. Also I visited RedHat Singapore office and spent a half day there.


Fossasia organised a event for the participants in Microsoft Office on 16th March, so we all were there early morning, we had breakfast there, thanks to Microsoft for providing us all this. There we all introduced our self and our topics on which we were going to speak. After that we all visited Suntec City there and it was fun to see lots of hardware stuffs with new technologies and features.
On 17th we went to Science Centre where the conference was organised, it was nice place. So we all were welcomed there, followed by keynotes and some talks. Also there was a ceremony for code heat contest winners.  So the first day ended with Artificial Intelligence Panel Discussion which was enjoyed by everyone.
On second day there were many tracks, and some workshops. In evening there was a Speakers Dinner, where we interacted with each other and came to know about different technologies they are working upon. It was a nice experience. Third day we were there exactly 9am, as Siddhesh was having his workshop from 9:00 am, and Praveen was also having his talk early morning on MiniShift. I was also going to give a talk on the same day. So it was a big day for me as for the first time I was speaking in a Conference. And fortunately all went well, and it was a wonderful experience. We also managed to spend some time to explore Science Centre and it was a nice place to enhance our basic knowledge about Physics, Nature, Electronics and lot of others things.

Pyladies Booth at Fossasia

As I and Anwesha were travelling to the event, so it was good idea to have a Pyladies booth there. Also Hong Phuc  asked us for the same,and  Fossasia was giving us space for Pyladies. So we also planned for that and were ready with posters, stickers and some photo probes. Anwesha packed all the stuff for the booth, and we were all set to go. So on the first day Anwesha reached a little early to set up the booth, after some time I was also there. Then she figured out where we can set up the booth, after we get a table for us, we quickly set it up with all the things we carried. And as always Pyladies Umbrella was the center of attraction, It Rocks!!! Everyone coming to our booth was keen to pose with that and other probes. So we told people about Pyladies, how we started and what we do and how often we meet. Lot of people come up with different question like how can they join us, Is there a Pyladies chapter in their country too or can they start the same. So it was good as Pyladies were a part of Fossasia, our presence was felt by everyone there.

My experience as a Speaker 
As written earlier it was the first time I was giving a talk in any conference. So after my talk was selected, I started preparing slides. With lot of things going around as  training, exam, family function, visa stuff and also shifting of my home, it was very difficult for me to save some time for preparing. At beginning I was so confused what to keep in the slides and what not to, as it was a 20 min session. So here I have to make decision between lots of things. Then I decided to put very basics things for this so that even a fresher can also get an idea about it and can start using it. So I prepared my slides and a demo session too so that people can understand more clearly how Robot Framework runs. So for demo I prepared a very simple task to verify if Fossasia home page opens when we hit its url. I was prepared for the talk on the final day but still a strange feeling was there inside me as speaking in an empty room and in front of audience are two different things. But putting aside all the things apart I encouraged myself and developed trust in  myself that I can do it. Then the moment came when I was in front of audience, so I started with my introduction, I prepared 4-5 lines for that but there I ended up in two lines only may be due to nervousness. Then I just relaxed and was going with the flow. Slowly I gained a little confidence and go ahead, with all what I prepared and demo too. The good part was that there was good internet that allowed me to show the demo. As first time it was a good experience but now I feel I can do better than this. As we learn from our mistake and I know where something went wrong with me so now its the time work on those areas. We should not bound our self from doing anything with a fear that we can't do it, we should give a try, then only we will know where we stand. So keeping going there are a lot new things which we have to learn in life. 

Monday, 16 January 2017

First Pyladies meetup of year 2k17(Jan)

I was not able to attend last Pyladies(Dec) meetup as I was having my badminton match, this time also I had my Dance practice for office annual party therefore I reached a little late, but still I was happy as I was able to attend it. When I stepped in, the whole room was full and I felt  good to see all. Then I took a seat at the back row, as whole room was already filled.
The topics for that meetup were:
Kushal session on System Programming was going on when I reached, so I quickly turned on my laptop and get started. As time was less as we also had a guest session by Paul Everitt (PyCharm Developer Advocate at JetBrains) on Pycharm. So Kushal ended the session on defined time and planned to take more session on System Programming later. Then he made the setup for Paul as he was taking a live session whom I  met in Pycon India 2016 in Delhi. More people joined us later for the session. As it was early morning for Paul there was snowfall also, still he managed to get up early in such a chilled weather, thanks to him for that. He started with what we are going to do in this session and it was interesting as we were going to write a game of collecting coins using an arcade library of python using Python 3.6 in PyCharm. He covered several skills like:
  • Running Python code in pycharm
  • Using Version control using Pycharm
  • Debugging
  • Writing test cases
  • Test coverage
Then he started with the setup by installing all the dependencies, it was so easy using Pycharm as PyCharm itself installed and imported it for him.  Then it was available for use. Then he showed us how we can run our Python code in Pycharm followed by how we can put our code under a local git repository and further commit changes. Also he covered the branches in version control using which many people can work on a single project individually. Then he talked about debugging as it is most important if we are writing code. The game was ready as the image was able to move and collect coins as a result score was increasing using collision detection, that was interesting. Also he covered  Debugging, testing and test coverage. You can find the video here. Also he took questions in between by chat and answered them to clarify our queries. This game reminded me of a game Mario which we use to play in our childhood, we wondered how the boy move and collects coins, treasure and our score go up and see now I know how it worked ,in fact I can myself write a game now, that's so easy. This session was so interesting, loved it :).

Once again thanks Paul for such a wonderful session and also Thanks to Kushal and Anwesha for organising this guest session. Hope in future also you will come up with these types of session, really enjoyed it.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Pyladies November Meetup

After a long festive season(Diwali) we had our Pyladies Meetup on 13th Nov at RedHat office and it was so good to see new faces as the number of Pyladies were increasing with each meetup. As always I was excited about the meetup and to learn about Creating our own Map using GeoJSON and more about Git as these were the Topics for this meetup which Nisha have mailed us. So the meetup started with a session on Git by Sayan Chowdhaury. Starting with the basic introduction to Git like what it is, why we need it, whats are benefits, he started the session. It is very important if we want to contribute to upstream or any projects. Here are fews benefits of using it :
  • Easy collaboration
  • Work Offline
  • Contribute to any open source project
So we started with initiating our own project named “Pyladies” and then moving it to github. Also he told us how we can send PR(Pull Request), so we forked his Pyladies project and send a PR to it. We all learned the basics commands of git like:
  • git init
  • git config --global “username”
  • git config --global “userEmail”
  • git add <filename>
  • git commit -m "Commit message"
  • git push origin master
  • git status
  • git remote add origin <server>
  • git checkout -b <branchname>
  • git fetch origin
Sayan also told a site which we can refer for learning more about git through git tower.

After this we had a break as it was lunch time and our hungry tummy needs something to continue with learning new stuffs . After the break Nisha came up, as I told there were lots of new faces it was their first meetup, so there was a introduction session where she brief about how we started and what we do in the meetups. Then we all introduced ourself to each other. After this she started with her talk talking about spatial data and how we can map anything related to our own life to many others crucial information like she have mapped the number of accidents in different cities. Also she gave an excellent example that how we can use map in our CV too, she showed us a CV in which the person has marked his educational institutes and places of work where she had worked till now geographically, and it really sounds interesting. She told us about how we can start with it and explained about  GIS, mapbox, leaflet etc. To make us started she explained how we can start mapping using github as all of us have learned git in the previous session so it was a good idea. All we had to do was:
  1. Convert the CSV format file to geoJSON(for this we can either write a script in python or use any other method)
  2. Then we have to upload that geoJSON file to github.
  3. Then view map on github
  4. Map renders magically.

So to practice she mailed us an CSV file which we can use to create  our own map as an assignment. The meetup ended with a discussion on the next meetup, I was not able to be a part of that discussion because I have to go with Praveen, he was having his Football match as Redhat Annual Sports were going on. So we left saying bye to all Pyladies, and looking forward to meet them all in sixth Pyladies meetup.
How can we forget Pycon Pune which is in February(16th -19th), excited to meet all the Pyladies and many more people from various communities. So hurry up just grab your ticket as time is running out so as tickets.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Pyladies- October Meetup

Like every month we meet up for this month also, this time it was for half day only but it was very special as we were having Hong Phuc Dang  founder FOSSASIA with us.

 It was a great experience to meet her, as she shared a lot of things with us and also tell us about FOSSASIA, what it is and how we can contribute to it. She encouraged the pyladies to be a part of open source and start contributing to it. Also She invited us to FOSSASIA which is in Singapore from 17th to 19th March. After her talks there were lightening talks from Pyladies which was decided by Anwesha in our last meeting that we will have lightening talks in every meetups as most of us are afraid of speaking in Public so to overcome that fear this session was started from this meetup and will be continued... So our first speaker was Samriddhi who is a student, she shared her experience and about Pyladies. Next was my turn I was ready with my Presentation, so quickly after setting up, I started with a brief introduction of mine and then continued with the topic which was "Difference between Python2 and Python-3.

After talks, now it was Kushal who was going to take a workshop on building shell with cmd2 module, so we all were set with our laptops in which we have installed cmd module. Then we learnt how to build our own shell and it was interesting to build a shell and play with it. All of us practiced that and solved the problem given by Kushal. Upto that time Kushal has ordered Pizza for us. Then it was the time for Pizza Party and as always we had a very good discussion during that time. Hong Phuc Dang gave us more ideas on how we can lift our self up in the open source community and many other information.And this is how the meetup ended with a plan to meet in November :)

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Science Hack Day, Belgaum

Science Hack Day, was one of the great event attended by me. I feel lucky to be there as everything was so perfect from venue to the arrangements made by Praveen Patil, Sankalp Bhumi is a very beautiful and peaceful place with all the natural beauty. After reaching there it was a beautiful evening and then we had dinner which was so good. After having dinner we went to sleep as we all were tired after a long journey. 
In morning I got up by a natural alarm which was not set by me, it was the voice was cock, who were there at Sankalp Bhumi. After getting up I just opened the door and a cool breeze blew on my face making me more refreshing, it was such a beautiful morning. Then I stepped out of my room, and sat on the chair outside my room watching the lake and small fishes in the lake in front of my room, by that time Hong was also up from her sleep and joined me outside. It was such a pleasure to see Ducks swimming in the water. After spending some time there, I went to take shower as breakfast was to be served at 9am, and after that the event was going to start. So after the breakfast, the event started with the introduction, Praveen Patil and Hitesh started the event with the introduction, " What the event was and what we are going to do in these two days". Then mentors shared their ideas that what they are going to do, so that people who were their without any ideas can join them according to their interest. It was so interesting that school student were also going to join us, even student from 5th standard came there for the event, it was so good to see them. After the lightening talks from mentors, hacking began at the place which was decided for hackers and it was also so beautiful. We all were set to start with our ideas, I was just planning to join Nisha in making the "Cookie Smarter", then I came to know that the School student are making a Solar Latern and they might need help in Soldering and I was perfect in this as I have two years experience so I made up my mind to help them to convert the solar energy to electrical energy. And I was surprised to see a huge number of students were interested in it. Then we just distributed the components to the student, and told them about the precautions to be taken while soldering and we started to make solar latern which was a workshop organised by Jithin who came from Delhi , thanks to him for all his time and the components. Also some students were making Science Toys at another place. 
Then the day ended with hacking and ligtening talks by hackers and mentors. Also there was a demo by Prabhu Sir on Fuel conservation by burning bio-organic mass. Then we all had dinner and discussion with people, I was able to meet a lot of new people . In the end we had a laser show by Praveen Patil and it was awesome, enjoyed by everyone there. After seeing the show everyone was wishing to have a Physics teacher like him.

Again the day started with a alarm by the cock, and I went for a walk with Praveen around Salkalp Bhumi to explore it more. Then we all had breakfast and set for hacking again. Again there was a Science workshop for kids. I was again with the students for helping them in soldering, after the workshop I went to hacking place where everyone was ready to present their project, as after lunch they have to show demo of their project. So after lunch demos begin each team was given time to represent their project. There were 11 teams in total, they all described about their projects. Projects are listed below:
1. Sun Tracking
2. Making Cookie smart 
3. Nodemcu and MicroPython
4. Web VR
5. Alarm System using NodeMCU
6. Chrome Extension to convert Text to Speech 
7. Symposium 
8. Organic Map
9. Beautiful Belgaum Map
10. Moodlight and IoT switch
11. Motion Detector

There were four categories on the basis of which the award was given:
1. The Most Socially Useful Hack- Sun Tracking
2. The Best Education Hack-  Chrome Extension to convert Text to Speech
3. The Best Science Hack- Organic Map
4. The Audience Favorite Hack-  Motion Detector
Then the medals were given to the winning teams which were bought by Hong. Then we all had discussions over tea. Everyone was exchanging their ideas and were making new friends. The time was moving so fast and the night came. Before dinner we have Rahul Prabhukhanolkar with us who was describing us about Bat Conservation on which he was working,as Siddhesh want to know more about it as he also want to contribute. It was so interesting how he was using the ultrasonic frequencies to detect a Bat movement, and  he also told us about different Bat species which were unknown to us. Also he showed us the device used by him to detect Bat, then we had  a practical with it. We went out to detect the motion of Bat and we were able to detect the Bat movement. I, Nisha and Siddhesh tried listening the noise and we were able to detect it.  Then we had a get together where we discussed about our experiences, event and many more things. After that we went for the dinner, there also we had  a long discussion, it was like no one wants to sleep as next morning we were going to leave, so we want to utilize each and every momemt of that day. But as some people were leaving in night only, so we ended up with the discussion and were in our room. Hong and I planned to see a movie or series with others but it was too late and we had to leave early also, so we both slept. 

On 24th, we woke up at early and left at 5.30 am, as all of us had office, so we said bye to Hong, looking forward to meet her at FOSSASIA, Singapore next year.

For Belgaum:
It was a great event with a lot of energy, you all were awesome. Students were so interested and keen to learn new technology. Best of luck to the students for future. We all got lot of positive energy from this event, I personally got motivated by seeing the environment at Belgaum. I want to come to Belgaium for the next event. Thanks to all the organizers ( Hong Phuc Dang, Praveen Patil, Rahul, Shrikrishna Prabhu, Bandu Majukar, Sanjay Kulkarni, Suyash, Hitesh, Jithin, Minal, Nitesh, Akshai, Abdul and many more.....) for such a great event and hope you will continue it, so that we can visit Belgaum again and get a chance to meet you all : ) .

For more photos visit: